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Sharrick Jennifer

The combo team of Becky McCraney and Kathy Harrison are sisters, best friends, creative entrepreneurs and partners of a “one of a kind” holiday store called Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store in the dusty oil town of Midland, TX. This whimsical, seasonal store is named after their grandmother M...

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04/19/2011 05:02pm
Why "Over the top" displays Work

Why “Over the top displays” Work
Want to sell more? Of course! How can you with fierce competition distracting your customers and diluting sales? With so many choices in the market place, retailers have to make a significant first impression on people when they walk in their front door.
The “eyes” have it when it comes to the energy needed to connect a customer to a product. This connection happens with a clever, fun, beautiful or thought provoking WOW display. When emotions are evoked, a bond is formed. The merchandise you sell has a reason to be in your store and should encourage someone to take it home. A great display using ordinary products to tell a story, inspire, provide a solution, or just make someone feel good is the beginning of increased profits.
Whether you sell plumbing supplies, garden products or tabletops, it’s all about inviting the customer to look more closely. For the upcoming fall, Halloween and Christmas season, walk in your retail establishment as if you were the customer and look at the areas where you can make a WOW display. Consider the merchandise, plan a theme, brainstorm with a few employees about ideas outside the norm, add furniture, supplies, etc… that support your theme and get going.
Examples of a WOW display:
A mock front porch or door completely decked out for a bountiful fall: pumpkins, hay bales, big wheat stalks, and scarecrows. Mix in lawn and leaf gatherings, tools and supplies and you have a festive fall scene!
Try a winter wonderland using colorful snowmen, sleds and snow shovels decorating a Christmas tree atop bags of salt or sand. Throw in black and white wallpaper behind a traditional red and green theme or add a punch of lime green or zebra ribbon for some flare! You can build a Santa garden theme around your fresh poinsettias and winter garden supplies. The possibilities are endless and only limited by one’ own imagination.
For more holiday decorating solutions, tips, and techniques from Show Me Decorating experts, Becky McCraney and Kathy Harrison, visit www.showmedecorating.com.


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