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Sharrick Jennifer

The combo team of Becky McCraney and Kathy Harrison are sisters, best friends, creative entrepreneurs and partners of a “one of a kind” holiday store called Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store in the dusty oil town of Midland, TX. This whimsical, seasonal store is named after their grandmother M...

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09/10/2012 05:40pm
Holiday Decorating HeadQuarters-Shop, How to, and More

On the plains of the wild Wild West amidst pump jacks and prairie dogs, tumbleweeds and mesquite trees is a one of a kind store called Miss Cayce's Christmas Store. Midland, in the Permian Basin of west Texas has been home to this holiday retail shop for almost 30 years. Owned and operated by sisters Becky McCraney and Kathy Harrison with the help of family and at least 50 employees, many of which have worked for the pair most of their careers.

The seasonal phenomenon opens every year at the corner of Midland Dr. and Wadley the week after Labor Day. The store will be completely decked out for Christmas of course but a huge Halloween section is front and center for the brave customer who likes whimsical more than wicked. The stores talented designers make custom wreaths, garlands and arrangements that showcase the wide variety of floral products and ribbon. Thanksgiving can't be overlooked with such bountiful displays of pumpkins, pilgrims, and turkeys to bless your home.

The Texas draught couldn't keep co owners Kathy and Becky from growing some of the most creative and beautiful Christmas trees in the country. “We see decorating trees as an opportunity to celebrate our artistic abilities” shares Kathy. Their canvas is the tree and their palette includes themes, textures, color, ribbon, and ornaments all mixed with a twist on tradition!
Sharing their enthusiasm for holiday decorating “has become our passion" states Becky," create, inspire, educate to decorate is the mission of our business.” “This focus led the family duo to develop a "sister" business called Show Me Decorating that teaches all of their expert tips and techniques. This education is available on a DVD with guidebook, and an app for the iPhone and iPad.

This part of the business is promoted and marketed by a third sister, Jennifer Sharrick of San Antonio where Miss Cayce’s and Show Me Decorating are regular guest’s features on San Antonio Living.

Becky and Kathy were destined to become retail merchants as their entrepreneurial skills were in play at a young age. “We did every craft imaginable and sold our wares at town fairs and even door to door,” says Becky. Their dad would cut wooden treasures in his shop for them to paint and decoupage, and he still makes most of the store's props and display furniture.
"One of our favorite memories is making burlap flowers with pipe cleaners (on our mother’s dining room table) and selling them to all our neighbors,” reminisces Kathy. “Imagine our surprise when this year at market the latest trend is burlap in every color even burlap flowers.”

Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store is named after Kathy and Becky's maternal grandmother affectionately called Nana. Cayce was her maiden name and is a tribute to the strong Christian women in their family. Christmas was always magical and special and mostly about family and the birth of Christ - the real reason for the season!

After years of working out of their homes, the sisters got the opportunity in 1984 to purchase a seasonal Christmas business called Pettiet’s Christmas Store. The Pettiet’s, a couple from Lubbock would set up a temporary store location in Midland selling to the public and decorating many businesses one of which was the new Green Tree Country Club. Becky was the banquet and party manager at the time and used the Pettiet’s to decorate for Christmas. Being the enterprising and talented person that she was, she soon was selling for them to local offices, banks, businesses, and clubs. Kathy moved back to Midland in 1983 and went to work in the Christmas store part time alongside her sister. As fate would have it the Pettiet’s decided to sell out, took the girls to market and introduced them to the world of Christmas from everywhere and the rest is history!

Now seasoned buyers, Miss Cayce’s receives inventory to tempt their customers from all over the world. Becky and Kathy travel to markets in Dallas, Las Vegas, Atlanta, California, Chicago, and New York in search of the best of the best for


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