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Sharrick Jennifer

The combo team of Becky McCraney and Kathy Harrison are sisters, best friends, creative entrepreneurs and partners of a “one of a kind” holiday store called Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store in the dusty oil town of Midland, TX. This whimsical, seasonal store is named after their grandmother M...

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04/19/2011 05:13pm
Holiday Compliments

Getting Loads of
Holiday Compliments
is as Easy as....
Inspire Glitter, sparkle, and the bright colors of Christmas are what everyone loves about the holidays. From your Home's centerpiece the Christmas tree to your guest’s first impression the front door and entryway, Show Me Decorating has easy to follow step by step Educate instructions to decorate like a professional without having to hire one! Becky and Kathy will show you their secrets (tips and techniques) to decorate with confidence. Create Quick change Wreaths that can go from Thanksgiving to Christmas without a glue gun. First impressions, your mother was right they do count so Wow your guests with a doorway and entry that says "Welcome and Happy Holidays". Then for your largest Decorate Christmas decoration the Christmas Tree, "Recipe for Holiday Decorating" is the recipe for success with the right ingredients, your own collection of sentimental favorites and the compliments will be flowing from friends and family.
Show Me Decorating outcomes are tried, true, and fail proof and the best part is you did it all yourself!
Show Me Decorating’s "Recipe for Holiday Decorating” App was created by Becky McCraney and Kathy Harrison, after 25 years of decorating Miss Cayce's Christmas Store, to share their expertise and insight to creating wonderful holiday memories through beautiful holiday decorating. Check out their easy to follow steps and techniques at www.showmedecorating.com.


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