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Christopher Georgopoulos

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01/27/2011 08:32am
How to throw the perfect wedding!

If you are reading this, than congratulations, you are most likely planning for the biggest day of your life. How many times did this special day play out in your mind throughout your entire childhood? You probably know the basics to begin planning your wedding; pick a date, a location, a venue, a budget, etc. If you don’t, the website/magazine/blog [your name here] is a great place to learn all of these things and more. This article does not intend to review the basics of planning a wedding, but to concentrate on teaching you how to make your wedding reception the talk of your friends and family for years to come.
Every bride dreams of their wedding day, a perfect day, smiling faces adoring their dress and shining beauty. Preparing for wedding large or small, can be a trying and extensively long procedure. The last thing besides bad weather a bride wants is her guests not to have the time of their life attending the wedding. With three simple steps and use of a free online source you can achieve this ultimate goal.
Let me introduce you all to the new FREE website www.favsmile.com, the site dedicated to sharing and searching the world’s favorites. This site has been specifically designed to provide the world a service that is overlooked by all of today’s social networking sites, a service to sharing your coffee preferences, favorite food, drinks, music, hobbies and much more. Once you join you can easily search all of your friends and family’s favorites. Are you asking yourself, “What does this have to do with my wedding?” Simple, imagine if you knew and could easily review all of your guests favorite foods, drinks, music, etc in one simple free format? You could offer the food at your wedding that your guests love. The bar (hopefully open) could have everyone’s favorite drink, the coffee served could be accompanied by their favorite flavors. The music they like, could all be played, think about it, everyone could be touched by how much you thought about them on your special day!
Now that we have you attention, here are the simple steps.
1. Join www.favsmile.com for free, fill out your basic profile and search through our site to become familiar with the ease of navigation and many useful features. Create a free user generated group for your wedding.
2. Invite all the guests that will attend your wedding to join FAVsmile and your private wedding group. There are numerous ways to invite your guests with ease. Send out an email; connect with Facebook, search the user base on FAVsmile, but the most effective way is to include an initiation to join FAVsmile and your wedding group with your “Save the Date” cards you mail out. (FYI, contact FAVsmile they run special promotions to help pay for some or all of the cost of your “Save the Date” cards)
3. Give your guests a few weeks to fill out their FAVsmile profiles. Than easily for FREE, review your group’s favorites to help prepare for the best day of yours and hopefully theirs.
For more information, visit us FAVsmile at www.favsmile.com or email at info@favsmile.com


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