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Christopher Georgopoulos

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03/15/2011 01:37pm
Gfts, Gift ideas, Gift desires and more...

Gifts, gift idea, holiday gift ideas, special occasion gift ideas; how does one know what to get that special someone or that not so special someone? The internet is filled with top ten gift idea list for every occasion or event, but how many of those lists actually inform you what that person close to you really wants? The answer is none of them!
Have you ever seen the face of a disappointed child or the half-smile and “thank you” from a friend after they open the gift you gave them? Who actually feels worse after a bad gift? I have seen it first hand, on a Christmas morning years ago, my father walked in the family room and told my mom, they will now be able to spend more time together and gave her a set of golf clubs! I know there are a lot of women golfers, but my mother isn’t one of them. We all looked at each other in amazement and not a word was spoken for a good five minutes. We all know exactly what happened, right? My father went to the closest jeweler and made things right. I still laugh about it to this day.
I am composing this article not only to educate you about a better way to select a gift, but the amount of requests from online writer’s, blogs and media about what to get someone are truly endless. So back to the education; are you interested to find out the perfect gift for that perfect someone for free? If you have read this far, I hope so, here it is…www.favsmile.com. An ingenious free site dedicated to sharing and searching the world’s favorites. From your coffee preference to gift wish lists to favorite food, drink, media, music, hobbies and much more. This site you can not only share your favorites but look up your friends, family, clients, anyone’s favorites. There are many features on this site from user created groups to market research through polls of favorites. It’s free, safe and quick. Take a look today, find that special someone’s favorite gift idea and make their day…make them smile!


gifts, gift ideas, gft lists
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