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Christopher Georgopoulos

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01/27/2011 08:35am
FAVsmile, the new social network.

FAVsmile, Inc., a social media website dedicated to sharing and searching people’s favorite things, officially announced the launch of their new interactive website, www.favsmile.com, on December 16, 2010.

When Christopher Georgopoulos, founder of FAVsmile, set out to start his own company, he wanted to start a business for good causes. As he describes it: “Achieving success and keeping your integrity are sometimes a hard thing to do…Moments in life and the decisions you make during these moments can chart the course of your future for a long time—I wanted to create a business dedicated to bringing people with common interests together and, put simply, make them smile.” And so, www.favsmile.com was created.

From favorite restaurants to coffee preferences to Holiday wish lists, www.favsmile.com is a compilation of people’s favorite things. Their new website goes beyond just connecting users—it helps them understand each other by understanding what their friend’s, family, and colleagues likes and favorite things truly are. Other features found on the site allow users to search by name, location, or keyword as well as compare their own results to others via a polling tab.

A new addition to the site, and what is now likely the most compelling feature, allows users to create groups based on preferences and geographic location. For example, if a history “buff” wanted to create a book club in her city, she could simply search users based on her zip code whose favorite genre of books is history, and voila, a group is born. Get a game of pick-up basketball together for Saturday mornings. Create a local volunteer group. Gather at a restaurant to watch a favorite baseball team. Poker night anyone? The possibilities are endless.

In stark contrast to today’s other social media websites, FAVsmile attempts to actually bring people together in person. The site also differentiates itself by helping users find and create groups of friends with similar favorites, rather than mesh together groups of people who already know each other.

Everyday, FAVsmile’s network of users is growing exponentially and, in turn, so is the significance of the site. The company is in the process of striking strategic alliances with other major websites and expects these partnerships to materialize in the very near future.


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