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Kim Malchuk

Kim Malchuk considers herself an ordinary woman, a storyteller, a motivational coach/speaker. When cancer took her husband, Mel, during the height of their romance, Kim made a choice to keep ‘Tasting the Rain’ despite her overwhelming loss. She then embarked on a poignant, soul-searching journey...

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Tasting Rain

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02/22/2011 12:28pm
Hang In There

What does it take to make your dreams come true? This past weekend I received a very powerful video from a good friend that focused on perseverance. Is that all it takes to make your dreams become a reality? I am going to jump in and answer my own question, so please forgive me for my impatience. Perseverance plays a huge role in making your dream a reality but it’s not everything. The biggest factors that holds so many of us back from reaching our true potential is a lack of vision and action.

What is your dream? What is it that you are passionate about? Do you even know? I am not talking about the dreams we have all fantasized about at one time or another of being the richest and most famous celebrity, athlete or the next internet tycoon. I am talking about the dreams that are within your reach and something that keeps your interest alive. I don’t know what that is but it’s there and only you know what it is that makes your heart smile every time you throw yourself into your passion. It could be cooking, cleaning, fixing a car, coaching a team or balancing the books. There is something out there that gets your engine revved up and only you know what that is.

The point here is to not limit your imagination. If there is a will there most definitely is a way. The way is called ‘action’. The first step may be to actually sit down and write what your dream job would be. The next would be to write down goals to help you achieve those tasks. Once you have your list take a look and focus on one goal for the day. On your way to work think about how you can attack that goal. Now some might require a bit more than just the 15-30 minute commute to work to come up with ideas, and that is okay. Because I guarantee you that there will be other tasks that will only take you minutes to come up with a solution on how to accomplish those goals.

I want you to hang in there and keep your dreams alive by working at them to make them become a reality. It is those who dream and never take action that become frustrated and discouraged. You cannot and should never be upset with yourself for having dreams. The tragedy comes from having those dreams and doing nothing to make them come to life.


perseverance, determination, dreams, never give up, commitment, action, goal-setting
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