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Kim Malchuk

Kim Malchuk considers herself an ordinary woman, a storyteller, a motivational coach/speaker. When cancer took her husband, Mel, during the height of their romance, Kim made a choice to keep ‘Tasting the Rain’ despite her overwhelming loss. She then embarked on a poignant, soul-searching journey...

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Tasting Rain

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03/08/2011 12:32pm
Bargain Hunting

Who doesn’t love finding a great sale? What is even better is when someone takes the time to compliment you on your latest find. After receiving the flattering comment we usually thank them for their kind words but will also have to share with them that we saved a whack load of money on the item they are admiring.

I will be the first to admit that I will always keep my eyes open for upcoming sales because I refuse to pay full price on certain things. There are two particular items that I am more than willing to pay full price for because I want the best quality. Number two on that list is shoes. My mother paid a heavy price in her later years for wearing cheap shoes from her younger days. I saw the chronic pain she had to deal with from years of trying to squeeze her size 8 feet into size 7 shoes for the sake of vanity and/or cost. When I see documentary stories on women removing bones from their feet so that they can wear stiletto’s I simply shake my head in disbelief.

The number one item that you will never find me in the bowels of a basement department store looking for a bargain is when selecting a partner. I do not like to equate a partner as a ‘thing’ but for the sake of this blog and to illustrate my point please allow me some room to explain. When someone is looking to land a deal we are basically saying that we are willing to settle for something of substandard quality. We are resigning ourselves to accept something that wouldn’t be our first choice had we had the money to purchase what we truly want and know that we deserve. Why are so many people willing to bargain on something that is so critical to our well-being when we are shopping for a partner?

When you are wearing a great-looking pair of shoes yet you know that the fit is not quite right, do you sacrifice your comfort or do you decide to stop wearing the damaging shoes? The same goes for your relationship with your significant other. If it doesn’t feel right and it is causing you any discomfort do you continue to endure the pain or do you suck it up at the expense of your health?

Bargains are wonderful when saving on material items that really in the end don’t amount to much. However, when it comes to matters of the heart I think it’s very wise to hold out, save your money and pay full price for the best pair of shoes that will last a long time, support and comfort the sole of your heart.


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