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H.J. Chammas

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Authors, Business & Finance, Personal Finance, Real Estate/Mortgage


Employee Millionaire LLC

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H.J. Chammas is a multi-award-winning author and a self-made “Employee Millionaire” who has achieved financial freedom by investing in rental properties throughout Asia, Dubai and Europe. With over 10 years of real estate industry and investing experience, as well as property management, he brings forward a blueprint for real estate investing in a simple and clear manner.

He is the founder and CEO of the Employee Millionaire, a company that empowers employees to achieve financial freedom and become millionaires with real estate investing.

When it comes to becoming financially free, there is a lot of information out there! H.J. Chammas, multi-award-winning author in the categories of business, personal finance, and real estate investing shares his blueprint to leveraging one’s day job to achieve financial freedom by investing in rental properties that earn passive income through rentals.

H.J. Chammas brings forward the Rental Properties Investment Blueprint in a clear and simple manner:
• How can someone use their day job to become a millionaire with rental properties
• The three steps to financial freedom
• Risks and risk management
• The relationship between good debt and wealth building
• H.J. Chammas’ Rental Property Investment Blueprint – a step by step process for owning, renting, and managing rental properties.
• How can someone stay focused on achieving their objectives and dreams

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