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John Davidson

My name is John Davidson, I am manager at JD solutions. I have graduated from London Business School and I have more than 10 years of experience in marketing, digital marketing, business solutions and B2B marketing.

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09/23/2014 05:31am
Marketing Online Creativity vs Authority 

The use and effectiveness of different online marketing strategies employed by B2B companies, are not always aligned, based on this data July 2014 an investigation by Corporate Visions.
According to the study, 81.1% of the professionals in charge of marketing and sales for B2B business respondents worldwide said they used "insights", ie tools based on specific contexts, to deliver more targeted messages and segmented target a larger audience.
Ideas Forward
These strategies, to build relationships and closer discussions with potential customers and achieve sales, were used to differentiate from the competition, according to the same respondents, but these efforts are sometimes not well used or are not the most effective.
Corporate Vision also asked online sellers, what ideas of marketing and sales were more used and what was the frequency with which they used on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the most frequent and 4 the least common.
Response rates were set higher in authoritarian strategies, i.e. those of the leadership or management, which received 52%. Ideas outputs anecdotal knowledge, ie their experiences, came in a close second with 51%.
The strange thing is that despite having a response rate very high in the range of the most used, visionary ideas landed in third place, with current knowledge about how often they are used, ie creativity ideas and outputs of training, were not taken into account more in marketing and sales strategies.
But when asked to makers of B2B marketing business, how effective they thought each idea was to generate interesting conversations and drive sales decisions, responses were even more striking.
The visionary ideas occupied the number one spot, with 65% of respondents. Current knowledge came in a close second with 62%. Meanwhile authoritarian ideas and experiences, landed at the bottom, with 37% of respondents each.
A Good Profile For The Marketer
This indicates that marketers and sales value more creativity and acquired knowledge about the mandates of leadership or experiences, but when put into practice the ideas they have to use these last two outings.
The truth is that organizations need managers and professionals of online marketing and sales, with experience in the field online order to have a "hybrid" profile that will generate new ideas, to take advantage of own experiences and knowledge.
In addition, these marketers must be able to optimize online and offline resources and make them complementary in a multi-channel strategy to attract consumers who increasingly relies more on the Internet, improving the overall customer experience and cope with technological innovations.
All this sounds great, but although the ideas are from an authority and must adhere to specific objectives, managers must be more flexible to allow their subordinates to implement innovative strategies.
The marketer of today as well as being creative, have experience and know how to exploit their knowledge and abide by the guidelines, add four conditions:
1 Know the digital environment and how their new disciplines (social media, eCommerce, digital advertising, design, metrics, content generation, etc.) impact the variety of traditional marketing.
2 Mastering analytics database of users and customers (segmentation), and metrics continue to improve the presence and brand reputation on the web.
3 Having a broad base for adaptation to the mobile universe.
4 Having a (internal or external) team, you can work on: SEO, SEM, affiliate, operations, monitoring KPIs, apps, graphic design, social media, usability, conversion of web traffic into customers, etc. You have to know each tool to see who is the best at all times.


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