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John Davidson

My name is John Davidson, I am manager at JD solutions. I have graduated from London Business School and I have more than 10 years of experience in marketing, digital marketing, business solutions and B2B marketing.

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12/23/2014 08:07am
Why are you using Instagram? To show who you are!

Using Instagram give you the opportunity to show who you are, what you do and touch your contacts differently from other networks. If you are still unsure of the value of Instagram? Here's what I'm doing and why it works.
Instagram for marketing
I presented recently different reasons to run a Facebook page or Twitter to use. Today is Instagram referred! Instagram is a social network that lets you share images and videos from your smartphone or tablet.
Other social networks allow you also to post pictures, but did you know that the commitment on Instagram is 58 times greater than it is on Facebook? Forrester source.
And remember that your contacts read only 20% of your content the other 80% they see?
I used earlier in this network just to share photos, I finally tired of the inability to link a photo to my website because I was aiming so the only driving traffic to my site. Instagram does not in fact used to insert a clickable link in a publication.
After adopting the Oggl network to post my instant iPhone and Flickr for all of my pictures, I gradually returned to Instagram. Indeed, I have new needs and I found a way to grow my web audience in a complementary manner to Facebook and Twitter.
Here are 7 reasons why I now use again Instagram every day. And why you should do the same.
1. Attract new contacts
Most of my Instagram contacts have a Twitter account and / or Facebook. But some are not part of my Twitter followers or Facebook fans. Instagram is a new source of contacts to the service of my activities.
2. Enhance the visual impact
To communicate via a blog post the screenshot of the mobile version...
Posting a picture on a social network is nothing extraordinary. All permits: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus... But your pictures are embedded among a stream of diverse and varied messages. On Instagram, you see only the images (or videos)!
3. Multiply publications
The Instagram application allows to easily share a photo on other social networks like Facebook or Twitter. And if one of the networks you frequent is not covered, simply use a third party service like IFTTT.
Thus, by posting a photo on Instagram, I can touch in one action with all my contacts on this network but all my Facebook friends and Twitter combined.
4. Customize my presence
Generate curiosity about an article being written...
To expand my audience and to initiate conversations, I decided to customize my approach. Nothing better than to take the stage for this: Instagram allows me to show a little more who I am, what I do, my passions, current projects, future ideas.
With a simple picture, I can show what I'm working and invite my contacts to find out more. I generate curiosity, which inevitably leads to my contacts asking me questions. You see where I'm coming from?
5. Centralize my efforts
To attend several social networks, it gets lost. On which posting what? Which use, what type of content? As many questions as you ask me regularly.
I adopted the following rule: my illustrations, photos and live video - my daily life - are posted on Instagram. And I refer to Twitter and Facebook with the type of message I want to pass.
6. Share my interests
So what I'm working live...
I use one account Instagram but I set automatic actions in IFTTT each publication to refer to a Twitter account Instagram or another. Why one account? Because it allows me to show everything what I'm working.
I am the only permanent editor on each of my sites, I have not seen fit to feed one account per site, especially as the Instagram application does not allow to manage the Client (a real lack of addition !!).
7. Go faster!
To use the application Instagram turns faster to use to post a photo. With Facebook or Twitter everything is slower. And I hate wasting time.
Some tips to good use Instagram
Enter your Instagram profile accurately:
Use the same username as on other networks
Use the same photo as on other social networks
Specify a link to your website - it's the only place where the link is clickable
Introduce yourself in a few words
Do not add tags in organic, they are not clickable
Create a link between your Instagram account and your Twitter and Facebook accounts
Use the keywords - tags - but do not overdo it
Post videos too!
Work your creativity to stand out...

Some tools to best use Instagram
I passed several tools that make my life and enhance the scope of my publications:
The smartphone application Instagram is essential to post photos and videos. I dropped Vine to stake everything on Instagram
Instagram website allows me to post comments and answer questions, even faster than the application
Tweetgram the application allows me to write a text message on a photo or easily create illustrations
The IFTTT service allows me to redirect my Instagram publications to the correct Twitter account via the addition of a specific tag to each account.
In conclusion...
Instagram is a social network that has its rules and its own codes, but I invite you to look closely at whatever your activity.
If you work in an area that lends itself easily to show pictures - shopping, education, event, production, crafts,... - Use Instagram should be one of your basic practices.
If you exercise in a less visual sector - services, content production, business,... - Do not ignore Instagram provided. There probably has plenty of opportunities to illustrate throughout your day: lectures, presentations, travel, go public, etc.
Show yourself: do not be afraid to put yourself on stage, showing who you are, that's what your contacts are waiting. Do not spend too much time either, it is useless to post dozens of photos a day, it's tiring for your contacts. But give them a little of yourself regularly and you'll benefit for sure!


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