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John Davidson

My name is John Davidson, I am manager at JD solutions. I have graduated from London Business School and I have more than 10 years of experience in marketing, digital marketing, business solutions and B2B marketing.

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10/01/2014 06:05am
Three social media lies

It is increasingly common for the owner of company "X" to give job as community manager, to his famous nephew inexperienced and perhaps with a basic knowledge of management of social networks, making him responsible for the digital strategy of the company putting reputation, projection, prestige and growth of the company at risk.
While seemingly simple to handle a social network because you can do it from anywhere with a connected device to the internet, it is also important to know and to inform our customers that this is a whole subject that requires analysis, planning and production.
Lie Number One: It Is Easy
If you consider opening an account in social networks to run an online strategy for the company, you are mistaken. Such a campaign in which the traditional world, where it involves the copy, the designer, account executive and, just as should be done to manage one or more accounts in web world is planned.
Difficult? There is no need to be a nuclear physicist to be a community manager, but like studying or specializing a professional for market researchers, publicist or designer, if you want to be a community manager it will require skills and knowledge, because this specialty is now a profession (in case you did not know).
Lie Number Two: It Is Cheap
No, please say that again, a strategy, whatever it is, requires resources, whether economic, intellectual or material that must definitely be in line to have excellent results.
Social media is not a combo where you can choose to just eat the burger, you have to eat all the burger and fries and soda. What I mean is that an online project from a website to an entire department of online marketing, required to have a transmedia strategy, this means that pure digital medium alone does not advance, it requires support from other channels for having excellent results.
A community manager besides being an excellent marketer should know how much they cost and what social media and web tools will use to optimize your campaigns.
As Facebook advertising, you can pay some opinion leader an influencer to mention your brand on Twitter or Google Plus.
Lie Number Three: Internet Users Prefer Profanity
Unfortunately yes, but that has nothing to do with your strategy, be fine in your publications and generate valuable content for people. If your content is GARBAGE this is not the type of strategy that will take your brand to the point you want. Consumers, fans or netizens are seeking valuable information and content to divide TRASH from fun, never confuse that when you are developing a strategy.
It is neither easy nor cheap, being a community manager or online strategist is a specialty that should be taken seriously. There is a great deal of lessons or online courses that allow you to acquire the skills and knowledge to implement them.


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