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Lakisha Sarbah

With over 20 years of experience, Lakisha Sarbah is a visionary business strategist who envisions, defines, plans, and executes effective strategies to drive business performance improvements and solutions for her clients. Lakisha is an entrepreneur, skilled business strategist and mastermind facili...

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04/07/2016 03:10pm
How to Stop Being The Best Kept Secret

irp-cdn.multiscreensite.com/4fb56bb3/dms3rep/multi/desktop/sTOP%20BEING%20THE%20BEST%20KEPT%20SECRET-813x303.JPGYou've decided to start a small business. You ignored your friends and family and stepped out on faith. Then you realized that having an online business means you have to show up. You created a Facebook business page and posts in several Facebook groups about your amazing services and/or products, but even the crickets are quiet. You hear of all the great new platforms like Periscope, Blab, Facebook Live and SnapChat, but instead of creating a strategy for your business to get on board you sign up only to watch in the background.

Does this sound like you? You are not alone. Many women entrepreneurs do not feel comfortable putting themselves out there. You may be asking yourself how did she get that so dead on, well, I use to be that girl. When I started my first online business 7 years ago in 2009 there were only Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn. The main focus back then was local visibility via SEO (search engine optimization). Fast forward four years later in 2013 I started my second business (this business) dead smack in the middle of the video and live streaming revolution.I spent the first year working with coaches learning all I needed to know. When it was time for me to finally launch I became paralyzed. The funny thing is I didn't even know I was , the coach I was working with at the time pulled my coat to it. When I looked back at my actions and excuses they were all due to fear. Fear of not being accepted, fear of people not wanting my services and fear that I would fail. After spending nearly $50k in coaching, training and certification I knew it was time for me to either to a crap or get off the pot.Here are the steps I took to stop being the best kept secret: I CONFRONTED MY FEARS I made a list of my fears which were not being accepted, people not wanting what I had to offer and the best one of all being afraid to fail. After I listed my fears I asked myself, what is the worst thing that could happen. Next to each fear I wrote out the worst thing. None of them were earth shattering or things that I couldn't deal with so I decided I had to face them.I DEALT WITH MY FEARS I started recording videos of myself daily on my cell phone as a way for me to get comfortable doing videos.I joined a 10 day periscope challenged to do livestream.I started my own weekly Blab Talk Show to stay consistent.I did a giveaway of social media to put myself out there.I STAYED CONSISTENT This is the most important step. Staying consistent has made me super confident when it comes to recording videos, doing live stream and when a new platform launches I am super eager to try it out. When Facebook announced Facebook Live I went out and purchased and iPad so I could livestearm on the Facebook platform. When I was introduced to Snapchat I downloaded the app and haven't stopped snapping since.Your fears, concerns or apprehensions about putting yourself out there may not be the same as mine, but I encourage you to confront the very things that are holding you back and deal with it head on. There is no other way around it. The very fact you took the steps to start a business is more than enough reason to give it a try. Being the best kept secret will not allow your business a change to succeed, online visibility is the key to online business success.So I ask you, what is the worst thing that could happen if you moved past your fears and went after your dreams? I would love to hear from you, feel free to post your comments below. If you enjoyed this post, please share with others.If you would like an online visibility strategy to help your small business gain more online visibility, schedule a FREE 30 minute clarity session with me here .


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