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Lakisha Sarbah

With over 20 years of experience, Lakisha Sarbah is a visionary business strategist who envisions, defines, plans, and executes effective strategies to drive business performance improvements and solutions for her clients. Lakisha is an entrepreneur, skilled business strategist and mastermind facili...

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05/07/2016 12:49pm
17 Ways To Start Increasing Your Online Visibility Today

So what is online visibility and why should you care? The easier it is for people can find you online , the more visibility you have. The more online visibility you have the more sales you are likely to make . If people can't find you online , you don't exist to them.Every small business owner and entrepreneur should strive to have online visibility . Increasing your online visibility is the ticket you need to elevate your small business and obtain the success you desire. There are countless ways to get in front of your ideal client / target market. Below I share 17 ways you can take immediate action to begin increasing online visibility for yourself and your small business.1) Niche Your Small Business - Offering too broad a service or product can leave your ideal clients feeling confused and overwhelmed. Narrowing your niche will help you provide a very clear marketing message that will also help you stand out online so your ideal clients can find you. Here is a great article on " How to Niche Your Small Business for Online Visibility Success" .2) Have a Website - I know this may seem like the most obvious, but you would be super surprised how many entrepreneurs who do not have a website or even a landing page. Having a website not only provides an online space for you to send people, it also helps to establish you as a professional. If you have products then you may want to consider having an online shop such as etsy.com or selling on Amazon. Either way, get yourself out there in the world wide web. Here is a list of my favorite resources, you will find resources for bulding a website. 3) Facebook Business Page - Again, pretty obvious, but many small business owners do not have a Facebook business page. Even if you are not the most social media or a tech savvy person adding a business page to Facebook takes less than 5 minutes. Having a Facebook business page will help to increase your online visibility as Facebook ranks very high in SEO (search Engine Optimization) not to mention it's FREE. 4)Get Social - Social media is by far the easiest way to increase your online visibility. Make a habit to hang out where your ideal clients are on social media. If your clients are on Facebook and Twitter, take the time learn about those platforms and engage and engage some more. Don't stress yourself out about other platforms, only spend time where your audience is.5) Get Blogging - If you don't blog START NOW. Blogging can do some amazing things for your business. First, it will help with your SEO for your website. Second, it will position you as an expert in your field and third you can reuse, repurpose and republishing the content in 100 other places online.6) Guest Blog - Once you start blogging you can submit your blog posts to other blog sites. This will help put you and your content in front of a whole new audience that may not have known you existed otherwise.7) Use Live Stream - Live stream is so hot right now. There's Facebook Live, Periscope, Blab, YouTube Live and Snapchat to name a few. This is the perfect time for small businesses and entrepreneurs to get in front of their ideal clients to build that KNOW, LIKE & TRUST FACTOR. Remember, people buy from people they know, like and trust. What better way for people to get to know more about you and what you have to offer than live video.8) Market Using Videos - Videos are an awesome way to deliver your content. It doesn't matter if you offer services or products you great informational or training video will go a long way.9) Host a Podcast Show - Podcasting is a great way to get in front of yet another kind of audience. Many people, including myself love to listen to podcasts on the go. Whether at the gym or while traveling many people prefer to listen to a great podcast than watch a video. This is also great for all of you shy-preneurs who are not yet quite comfortable in front of the camera just yet.10) Guest on a Podcast Show - Being a guest on on someone else's podcast is simpler to guest blogging, it puts you and your content in front of a whole new audience.11) Connect in Groups - Connecting in groups on Facebook and LinkedIn is so much more than just posting what you have to offer and then leaving. This is called SPAMMING by the way. Select a few groups that you enjoy and go in with the intention of adding value. Show your expertise by answering questions and engaging in the comments.12) Host a Twitter Chat - Hosting a twitter chat is a great way to connect with other people all while positioning yourself as an expert in your field.13) Join a Twitter Chat - Joining a twitter chat will allow you to connect with new people and introduce your business/brand to people who may not have otherwise known you exist.14) Host a Contest and Giveaway Using Social Media - Everyone loves to get something of value for FREE. Hosting a contest or giveaway is a great way to build your list and following online.15) Host Webinars - Webinars are a great way to share content. Even better live webinars are awesome due to the group interaction. Hosting webinars will help to build your KLT Factor (know, like and trust) and position you and your brand as an expert in your field.16) Do AMA's - AMA's (Ask Me Anything) is a great way to position yourself as an expert in your field online. You can use Reddit.com, Quora.com, Ask.com and other question and answer websites to answer questions related to your niche and have them linked back to your website.17) Re-purpose and Republish Your Content - Many of the actions listed above can be re-purposed. Prerecorded videos, live stream videos, blog posts, podcast shows, Twitter chats and webinars can be re-purposed and republished to other blog sites like Medium.com and or Facebook Articles. A number of related blog posts can be combined to create an ebook that can then be offered for an option for a small fee. Much of the content can be broken down to create social media posts. Here is one of my resent articles on " How to Repurpose Your Blog Articles to Increase Online Visibility" .I hope you found these tips helpful. If you take action on most of them and remain consistent in your efforts you will see a huge increase in your online visibility. If you would you like more assistance you can check out my free video course Show Up & Been Seen - Online Visibility Made Easy.


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