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Lakisha Sarbah

With over 20 years of experience, Lakisha Sarbah is a visionary business strategist who envisions, defines, plans, and executes effective strategies to drive business performance improvements and solutions for her clients. Lakisha is an entrepreneur, skilled business strategist and mastermind facili...

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04/07/2016 03:14pm
How to Niche Your Small Business for Online Visibility Success


Many people think of business niches as an old school thing of the past. I personally know niching a small business is the fundamental key to online visibility success. With over 3 million people using the internet today and 75% of those same people are using social media. Niching your small business is not only smart, but essential for having online visibility.Think about the last time you searched for something on the internet. This weekend my family and I were out of town and I had a crazy craving for cupcakes. I did a local search and found a few cupcake shops in the area of our hotel. Noticed that I did not search or deserts or cake. Yes, they fall in the same category, however, my search we very specific to my wants, a cupcake.Your ideal clients are searching the internet the same way for their wants and needs. Niching your small business will not only make it easier for them to find you it will also put you in a very specialized field as an expert. Many entrepreneurs are not niching their businesses today because they are afraid of missing out on money. When working with my client I help them to realize how many discovery calls they can convert when they are all from people who want and need what they have to offer instead of trying to market to every and anyone online.I walk through the following 3 steps with my clients to help them better define and or determine their small business niche.


STEP ONE: YOUR PASSION Realizing your passion is the first step.When we are passionate about a thing we put our whole selves into it. It's harder to give up on something we are passionate about.Passion will hold us over long after the honeymoon of the startup has faded. There will be other tasks that come along during the growth of your business that you may not like very much, this is when your original or pure passion will almost always kick in to give you the boost you need to get through it.TAKE ACTION: Make a list of all the things you are passionate about.You may enjoy doing different things, however passion is stronger than enjoyment. For this purpose be sure to list only your passions.STEP TWO: YOUR SKILLS AND TALENTS What is your super power? What are you good at? A know many people struggle with identifying their skills and talents. It is helpful to think back to all the things your colleges, friends and family come to you for. Feel free to ask others what the things your talents are.TAKE ACTION: Make a list of your skills and talents. Do not hold back when writing this list. It is also very imperative that you do not list tings you are not so great at. For example, if you suck at your own finances, you may not want to list finance management as your skill or talent.STEP THREE: WHAT WILL PEOPLE PAY TO DO Now that you know what you're passionate about and where your skills and talents lie; what will people pay you to do? People will pay to have a problem solved. What problem, can you solve or help with? People also pay for convenience and quality. Be sure to keep those three things in the back of your mind for this next action.TAKE ACTION: Take a few moments to do some online research. Look at the # 1 best selling books, check out the top retreats and workshops people are attending, what problems are success coaching so loving and visit Amazon while your at it to see what their number one selling items are. All of these things will give you a hint of what people are willing to invest in.


Which of your passions lines up with your skills/talents that people are willing to pay for? Your answer is your small business niche. This process may take some time and like me, you may have to do it several times until you come to niche that not only makes sense to you, but is also needed in the market. I've created a worksheet specifically for helping my clients find their small business niche you can GET DOWNLOAD HERE. Remember to be patient with yourself throughout the process and if you need any help feel free to schedule a FREE CLARITY SESSION WITH ME HERE .As always, I only want to add value. If you found this article informative or it if helped you in any way, please feel free to share with others.


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