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Lakisha Sarbah

With over 20 years of experience, Lakisha Sarbah is a visionary business strategist who envisions, defines, plans, and executes effective strategies to drive business performance improvements and solutions for her clients. Lakisha is an entrepreneur, skilled business strategist and mastermind facili...

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05/07/2016 12:54pm
5 Steps to Defining Your Ideal Client

Many small business owners struggle to attract their ideal clients because they are not super clear on who they serve. Knowing your ideal client is so important, I don’t think many people realize that in order for you to create the copy for your website, posts for social media and/or your services, products or programs you have to know who it is that you serve first. I see so many entrepreneurs rush to get a website up and start marketing their business before they are clear on who they serve. Putting the cart before the wheel is what causes many businesses to fail before they even get started.
When you know your ideal client you can create compelling content that speaks directly to their issues, problems and pain points. When you know who you serve it’s so much easier to create services that will address their needs and make it easier for your ideal clients to find you. Imagine how amazing it would be for your ideal clients to seek you out instead of you seeking them.
If you are struggling to get clients and/or you hear crickets when you launch a service, product or program, there is a good chance you are not super clear on who you serve. Follow these five steps and get super clear on your ideal client.
1) Who do you serve?

How old is your Ideal client? This can be an age range like (18 - 30 or 25 - 50, etc).
What is the gender of your ideal client? Is your client male or female. This will make all the difference in your marketing message. The way you sell to a female is different from the way you would sell to a male. If you serve both men and women be sure your marketing message speaks to both genders.
What does your ideal client do for a living? Is she/he a corporate professional? Is she a stay at home mom? Is she/he a small business owner?
What is your ideal client personally interested in? Does she like fashion? Is he into sports? How do they spend their time online, where are they handing out?

2) What is your client's goals and aspirations?
What does she/he want more than anything? Does she want to lose weight or get healthier? Does he want more personal freedom?
3) What does your client secretly fear?
What will overcoming those fears do for your client? Is she afraid to tell her story? Does he fear commitment?
4) What problems is your ideal client having?
How will you help solve your client's problem? Does she have health issues due to her being overweight? Is his realthionship in jeopardy?
5) Is your ideal client willing to pay you to solve those problems? Answering the above questions will help you to better understand your ideal clients and how you can be of service to them. Feel free to download my FREE ideal client worksheet here . I would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below letting me know about your ideal client experience.


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