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Lisa Manyon

Lisa Manyon is "The Business Marketing Architect", a content strategist and copywriter for Mission-Driven entrepreneurs and businesses. She is the President of Write On ~ Creative Writing Services, LLC. www.writeoncreative.com and specializes in POWERFULLY communicating your marketing message to inc...

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Write On ~ Creative Writing Service, LLC.

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07/06/2011 03:21pm
7 Ways to Leverage Your Business Via the Internet

The landscape of internet marketing is changing. It takes more than a brochure website (a site that merely tells what you do) to capture new customers.

People expect more and they deserve more.

It’s up to you to clearly educate potential customers and hand them the “what’s in it for me?” in a well packaged website with compelling copy.

The fact still remains that utilizing the internet to your advantage can increase your profits.

That’s why it’s important to clearly define the purpose of your website and familiarize yourself with the different web marketing techniques available.

Here are 7 ways you can make your website more profitable.

1. Know the purpose of your website and understand the importance of your copy. Your website should be all about your customers and what you offer them. Of course, you will share your expertise, products and services too. At the same time the main message needs to be customer centered. It’s also important to have a separate marketing plan for your web presence.

For example: Vera Randall, founder of Seattle Design Group has a website that features website designs by Seattle Design Group but also explains the importance of a strong web presence and what that can do for your business. Furthermore, SDG has a solid marketing plan to entice both new customers and group members. By reading the copy you get a clear picture of what SDG can do for you. Viki Viertel, also known as The Business Buddha, has a website that showcases ways to help her end user by offering a special report. Both sites have solid plans in place but employ different marketing and ecommerce approaches.

Take action: Review your current website copy if you already have a site in place. If you are in the planning stages, build a clear navigational outline so you’ll start out on the right track. Take it a step further and determine what you want your website to do. Create measurable goals that work with your online marketing plan.

2. Create a symbiotic relationship between your website and all of your marketing materials. It is vital to include your URL (uniform resource locater otherwise known as web address) on all marketing, advertising and promotional materials. It’s even better to take it a step further and give potential customers a reason to visit your site.

For example: The promotional materials for Write On ~ Creative Writing Services all point potential customers to the website. Pens, brochures and even proposals contain my business URL so people will visit the site to learn more about my products and services.

Take action: Review your current marketing and promotional items. Is your website address included? If not, make a note to include it when you reorder. The easier it is for customers to connect with you, the more business will come your way.

3. Offer something of value for no charge. Once you’ve invited customers to your site, make it worth their time. You can take advantage of permission based email marketing by requesting email addresses in exchange for a special report or article based on your expertise. (Note: there are affordable software programs to manage the opt in process and avoid SPAM.)

For example: James Roche’, also know as the Info Product Guy, has an opt in request in the top left hand corner of his website homepage. A clear offer to learn more about his product or services at no cost is a sure way to begin the online business relationship.

Take action: Review your website and ask yourself if you are offering valuable, complimentary information to potential customers. If you aren’t, create something today. If you are, does it need to be updated?

4. Continue the relationship. Keep in contact with your permission based email list by offering an electronic newsletter (often referred to as an ezine). A monthly presence, at a minimum, is recommended.

For example: Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy, offers a free ezine to her subscribers. This is the beginning of her online sales funnel. Subscribers get to know her through her


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