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Willa Boykin

Hello World: My name is Willa Boykin and I am the co-author and founder of my new business venture, Epiphany-Love, LLC. Epiphany is more than just a mere light bulb moment. Epiphany will illuminate under microscopic behaviors as a radian beauty. It’s a self improve home study course on livin...

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02/22/2011 02:42pm
Valentine’s Day

There are people who need other people for caring and there are people who twist needs to identify with caring people. We must ask our self what are the reasons for the relation. Love is a beautiful thing and we all want it to last forever. Everlasting love is based on GOD unconditional love. It can last forever when a common relation, personal relation and romantic relation are genuine connections. A relationship that starts and concludes with trust, facts, honesty, kindness, faith and a pure heart are required.

Never allow yourself a permanent position to become stiff, but allow the empowering relation process to flow through you. It means you’re OK. Negative emotions are not an option and they will pop up. We may never get over negatives but perhaps we can get through it. The beginning for a mutual, loving, lasting and an engagement into effective dialogues are essential.

Notice what Jesus said, “If you love me keep my commandments, and I with my Father will make our a bore with you.” A law has been set in motion for relationship growth. An empowerment may take on the form of someone’s recommendation, or an introduction for you. It’s not always what you know but who do you know. A repeat client may build relations based on your character. Your medical office staff should have your history file handy after arrival. Your extended church family relations are important. Your family is the most important relation outside of that with the Creator. Relations for banking, neighbors, employment and schooling requires an effective flow.

Positive relationships will boost your morale and provide you with super natural energy.
Stay focus and never assume anything for granted is my motto. Of course practice and mastery are life skill sets found in any wholesome relations. Those who understand and are willing to put forth the effort become master builders. There’s a meaning for “I can be happy and you can be happy and win together.” Simply stated, one cannot be multiplied or produce, but two or more establishes power in numbers, wealth and success.

No forgiveness creates a wall between light and darkness in relations. You must tear down that wall with truth to move forward. It does require effort on your part but a meaningful relation is at stake. Temporary and permanent benefits are on the table and time is needed to build relations for a balance lifestyle.

When applying wisdom to a balance lifestyle we understand, “For GOD so loved the world that he gave his only son.” That’s an amazing way to start a relationship! With love, caring and giving we can accomplish many great things.

To your success!
Replace impossible with possible! Love them in the same manner I have love you!


empowering relationships
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