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Willa Boykin

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03/14/2011 05:42pm
Student Education For The Chronically Ill Individual

One cannot begin to discuss education for a sickle cell anemia patient without expounding on a curriculum that covers spiritual education, physical education and schooling. The spiritual aspect of education can be accomplish either at home or church or both. It’s part of an individual’s foundation during those important formative years. It’s wisdom at its best and continua's. They became educated students with wisdom. There’s no set age to begin the process of acquiring wisdom. “If you lack wisdom let him ask.”

It’s important for parents to teach a balance lifestyle. You’ll be glad that you did. Failure to do so may cause a foundation deficiency in your child’s emotional behavior. Respect and honor your parents even if they don’t deserve it. It carry’s over into the classroom and adulthood. All three children received their driver’s license at the age of sixteen. This was not an option.

Both Michele and Yvette were enrolled for five years in piano lessons and similar to private schooling. Did I have the money? No! Consideration for both girls to obtain knowledge had to be factored into their life decisions for future earned income. A short term decision that would have an impact on a lasting career. I was thinking long term for Yvette and that she could handle this type of career. She was better at classical music and Michele was better at rock. Even with my eyes blind folded I new who was at the piano practicing.

Dennis Jr, was busy learning not to ride his hot wheels on the neighbor’s property. Dennis Jr was enrolled in Christian schooling and never attended public schools. Did I have the money? No! This would be a long term and a final decision for his schooling. He would later excel in computer technology, but first he had to have home schooling and paid tutoring after hospital stay overs. One of his teachers explain, “He can pass his test so I know someone is assisting him, but he does not participate in the classroom.” During one of his hospital stay overs it seemed as if his whole class was there in attendance.

The sickle cell nurse and social worker visited his school, Landmark Baptist, for an educational session on sickle cell anemia with the high school student body. Life was not easy when it came to educating a chronically ill child, but when I say all these people were there in their own way I meant it. Once I thought I had persuaded Yvette to give up her job in the trust department. Her doctor came into her room after I had left the hospital and encouraged her along the way. I also shared with Yvette teaching tapes from KCM.


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