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Willa Boykin

Hello World: My name is Willa Boykin and I am the co-author and founder of my new business venture, Epiphany-Love, LLC. Epiphany is more than just a mere light bulb moment. Epiphany will illuminate under microscopic behaviors as a radian beauty. It’s a self improve home study course on livin...

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03/15/2011 05:23pm
Tips for Immediate Implementation to Live A Balance Lifestyle

Everything needed to acquire a balance lifestyle is on the inside of you. Life was never intended to be so complex. If you set goals, morals and values, I have the uttermost respect for you. You see what others cannot see and communicate through your heart. It’s your choice if you want to be happy. This is a good example of decision making.

I want you to improve! There’s room for improvement. When you win we all win! You and I can become part of a community for positive improvement. We don’t invent we just keep on improving. I’m not asking you to volunteer or hit the streets for this cause. I want what you want as long as it remains positive.

Not only are people who need other people diverse, caring, loving and hopeful for all humanity. It's conclusive that they are the luckiest people in the world. That’s because they are focus on the greater needs. Life is not always an easy fix, but it can be manageable.

It’s your life and make of it what you will. Don’t play the blame game. If the light changes to green then go, but if it turns yellow you are faced with a decision. That’s exactly how life is and you will have to live with those decisions. At some point in life you must be held accountable and responsible for your action. GOD may be your only option.

Honor and respect yourself and others. Every member of the family should give and receive the same. If you learn how to respect in the home it will carry over outside of the home. Respect is the propeller that provides assistance into maturity needed for your next level. By initiating this pattern repeatedly you are forming positive habits, relationships and benefits.

Fitness and wellness should not be over looked when engaged in a balance lifestyle. Not feeling well and if you are not happy with your appearance it may hamper progress. Do something about it! If you want to be happy start admiring the things we take for granted. Poised when needed, laughter, relationships, fashions, dancing and spiritual moments. It’s part of your "set up" for a bright future!

Sexual gratification with your spouse is a given. The more you give the more you receive. A stamp of approval by the Creator has established a covenant with both of you that’s everlasting, beginning to end, first to last, Alpha and Omega. Amen

A smile is an integral part of relationships. The body operates best when positive emotions pass through it. If we experience negative emotions passing through our bodies it may lead to stress. A positive lifestyle may be associated with prosperity. Once you have mastered good life habits there are no options for trade off.


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