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Willa Boykin

Hello World: My name is Willa Boykin and I am the co-author and founder of my new business venture, Epiphany-Love, LLC. Epiphany is more than just a mere light bulb moment. Epiphany will illuminate under microscopic behaviors as a radian beauty. It’s a self improve home study course on livin...

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03/08/2011 09:23pm
Discipleship and Your Faith

I have shared your dream repeatedly. My dream is bigger than you and I, but much smaller when I rely on GOD. You and I together are two witnesses so we are establishing the prayer of agreement for power and completion. There is an assignment on my dream and that’s to help someone else achieve their dream. Pay close attention to see, He does not lead you into chaos, but he will restore order and give directions. One of the signs that follow disciples are their laying of hands on the sick.

You don’t accomplish your goals alone but we receive uncommon favor if your motives are positive. All that’s needed is for one person to unlock the door and allow you access. All that’s needed is for one person financial assistance to set the plan in motion. When you make something happen for another, he will make something happen for you. It’s called sowing of seeds.

It sounds like illogical thinking but that’s the way uncommon favor works. “Calling those things that be not as many times as needed as though they were.” A dreamer will think what’s at stake and stand in line for a miracle to say, here I am Jesus. A dreamer will sometimes bridge the gap between another dreamer’s unfinished dream.

The dream is not an option. A man without a dream is like a man who has no hope. We must keep hope alive. Knowledge and wisdom remains as a key of hope to making a difference. Think possible for the impossible and progress is possible. Dr. Martin L. King Jr, had a dream that he shared with the people, and for the people, and they likewise shared his dream. I feel your pain as a mother, and I’ve experienced emotional pain repeatedly. We may have arrived on different ships with different names, but we’re in this together. The Creator and His words are evergreen.

If you’re like most people you just pick back up where you left off to live and enjoy the journey. Remember winners have a special DNA in their blood stream. All of life’s circumstances does not have to become a bad deal, but perhaps you can make it a deal breaker. There is a covering over your dream if you will not abandon what has been established in your heart. Your assignment is to release the prayer petition and begin to practice patience’s. Rethink your position and say, “You are in for the long haul.” Your prayers will receive merit so obey and forgive those who trespassed against you. The more we know and understand about prayer and the anointing we realize an entitlement has been granted to us.

Spectators will be on the sidelines and some will cheer you on for positive motives, and some will care less about you. Listen and obey the prophets, because they have been given the ability to prophecy for what GOD has in store. I conclude with He’s on your side. It’s time for mind over matter and say, “I will hold on to my faith and His words until he takes my last breath.


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