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Willa Boykin

Hello World: My name is Willa Boykin and I am the co-author and founder of my new business venture, Epiphany-Love, LLC. Epiphany is more than just a mere light bulb moment. Epiphany will illuminate under microscopic behaviors as a radian beauty. It’s a self improve home study course on livin...

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02/22/2011 02:53pm
The Dream No One Could Destroy / A Remarkable Dream!

When will we learn that we as American’s are diverse and we as American’s have so many commonalities? We as American people were blessed with gifts and talents to provide a commonwealth. We are an asset to some, a clear vision for others to aspire to with a remarkable dream that expand around the globe. Our forebears embraced an idea that captured our spirit and a dream so large for a small group of people to realize its significance. We believe and allow nothing to destroy that dream. I was born free, into a free nation, to respect and honor freedom and to achieve.

Our priorities must include respect for one another. We enjoy relationship with one another when genuine connections exist. That’s because we are focus on the greater needs of humankind and the purpose for making a difference. We must not hinder those who dream and ask why not? We must visit and nurture our dreams and recollect on previous people achievements. The dream lives on only if you are willing to share it.

Color splashes more often concerning race, class and when surrounded by selfish motives. We have grown accustom to sweeping away or bury those issues to live happily forever. However when we are angry because color has splashed everything seems to be torn apart. Problems exist when we engage in evil doing, that’s a natural learned behavior, but we learn to overcome evil with good. All have experience lessons taught on prejudice. It’s so common of past behavior and mirrors what we did not learn previous or acknowledged.

May I suggest to you that you spend time getting to know yourself? It’s important for you to acquaint yourself and recognize your beliefs. Our nation is represented by a long history of sacrifices for freedom. We understand how to aid and assisted the nation during hard times. We are finding ways to manage health issues, turn around a doubtful economy, educate and retrain the labor force, educate future generations and introduce solar energy components. When we strive for a common goal we bond united and we care for one another.

Greed and poverty may hinder the dream based on what we have learned about our history. An improve lifestyle gives opportunity. You must go as far as you can, then you will be able to go further. You must believe that the race is not always for first class, but you can achieve and you are included. You must reach for the moon only to land on a star. If you should say, “Yes I can, I believe I can, I know I can,” dream on and I’ll see you at the top. Renew your dreams, pass them on to family, friends and to those who need to know.
Don’t quit!


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