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Sydni Craig-Hart

SYDNI CRAIG-HART, expert marketing coach and consultant, supports service professionals in creating success – in both their businesses and their lives. Known as "The Smart Simple Marketing Coach," Sydni uses a results-focused, “how to” approach in implementing simple and customized strategies ...

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04/27/2013 08:11pm
How Can You Eat An Elephant

Running a business has been compared to eating an elephant! That is a weighty thought when you consider that an elephant may not be able to fit into your home, let alone on your dinner plate. Similarly, thinking about starting a business (or keeping up with the one you have) may seem daunting.

Is the goal of running a successful Virtual Assistance business elephantine in your mind? Believe me, it's totally okay if that is how you feel at this time. Many people want to become a Virtual Assistant because they have been laid off from their job. Many others feel that they have hit the glass ceiling of compensation and thus feel under-appreciated and under paid. Some want to be home when their children arrive home from school. Still, others are caring for ill relatives and need to earn a living on their own time. These various situations motivate individuals to look for another vehicle that will enable them to create their lifestyle. What is your reason?

However, there is much resistance to the idea of being a business owner because the majority of people who have administrative skills have always worked for someone else. No wonder becoming an entrepreneur may feel like a colossal undertaking. I do want to help you eat that elephant. "How," you might ask. We will do so with a very simple formula, which is, one bite at a time. The following "bites" will help you to realize that running a business is not like eating a whole elephant in one gulp. It is about focusing on the right aspects at the right time.

Bite #1 - Mindset Shift

It is important for you to change your thinking from that of an employee to one that is willing to accept all of the responsibilities of an entrepreneur.

Bite #2 - Focus & Determination

Set a goal and do not let anything deter you from accomplishing it. If focus is a struggle for you in general, figure out the BIG reason you want to create a successful business and let that be your focal point.

Bite #3 - Research

Find out what other administrative professionals have done in order to start their businesses.

Bite #4 - Count the costs

Take into consideration how much it will cost you to start your business and generate revenue. Will you start your company part-time while working in your current job? Do you need a specific amount in savings to help you with the transition? How long will it take you to go full-time in your VA business?

Bite #5 - Skill Assessment

List all of the skills that you have been paid for in the past. People will pay you for those same skills when you run your own business.

Bite #6 - Setting up your business

Local and state laws will dictate how you will set up your business. You have to do the research to see what is required by law to set up a business in your area. Decide how you will accept payments from your clients.

Bite #7 - Marketing your skills

In this phase of your business, you will tell the world who you are what you are offering. Marketing is a skill that needs to be learned and developed. Still, it is only a bite, not the whole elephant!

This list is by no means comprehensive. It is a good start for considering how to step into this business venture. Becoming a Virtual Assistant is not a matter of changing jobs. Sometimes, people lose their job and say, "Well, I'll just be a Virtual Assistant." Being your own boss means that you are responsible for every aspect of your business from generating revenue, to paying yourself, to building your business.

When you attack the opportunity one bite at a time, you can make progressive steps towards accomplishing your goal of eating the elephant (or building your own business). Remember the formula, one bite at a time. This will help you to avoid overwhelm and TAKE ACTION!

Sydni Craig-Hart, The VA Success Coach, is Founder of Executive Assistant to Virtual Assistant!, a company dedicated to providing Administrative Professionals with the support, tools and resources they need to create a highly successful, profitable Virtual Assistant business. Visit http://www.EAtoVA.com


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