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Sydni Craig-Hart

SYDNI CRAIG-HART, expert marketing coach and consultant, supports service professionals in creating success – in both their businesses and their lives. Known as "The Smart Simple Marketing Coach," Sydni uses a results-focused, “how to” approach in implementing simple and customized strategies ...

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08/30/2011 01:49am
A Simple Formula for Effective Marketing

You have started a small business. Congratulations!

Now, what is more important than starting a business? STAYING IN BUSINESS!

We discussed recently the importance of having a powerful mindset that will support all of your business and life goals. It's also important to have the proper mindset about marketing your business. Keep in mind: if you do not market your skills, knowledge and services, you will not be in business for long. Consistently attracting clients to your company is how you will thrive in business.

This means you need to make a decision about what type of business you want to have. Is it a not-for-profit organization, where you do great work serving clients but struggle to make a living? Are you looking forward to running a business that is struggling to stay afloat in the market? Do you want a business that is bustling, exciting and providing the lifestyle that you desire?

If you had to choose right now, which of the scenarios above would describe your business goals? I'd venture to say you are most interested in the third option. The easiest way to create a successful business is to do effective marketing. Marketing is really about sharing your knowledge, skills and services with people who are already looking for them. There are individuals all over the world who are desperately seeking to find what you have to offer. Marketing effectively is your way of saying, "Here I am. I understand you. I can help you."

There is a dizzying array of methods and strategies available for you to share your message with the people who need you most. I'd like to teach you the easiest and least stressful way to attract your next few clients. Remember this key point, marketing is simply standing up and saying to the people who are looking for you, "Here I am. I understand you. I can help you." If prospective clients are already looking for you, how will you communicate with them? Your message must be crystal clear. So, how do you clarify your 'here I am, I can help you' message? You can do so by answering these questions:

1. What problems do you solve? Every business fills a need. People pay you for a physical product, service rendered or for your consultation. All of these solutions address a specific problem. It is important that you clearly identify with the problems of your ideal prospects.

2. Whom do you serve? There are a lot of people, businesses and organizations in the world. To get the best results with your marketing you must define who you specifically work with. This is your target market. You will likely attract others who don't fit into that group, but this one target group is where you will focus your marketing efforts. Thus you can "show up" exactly where these folks are looking for the help that you offer and make it easy for others to refer business to you.

3. What benefits do they receive? This is the reason satisfied clients will become repeat clients AND refer you to their friends and colleagues. When you solve their problems they are happy, comfortable and joyful. Define the specific benefits that your clients receive from working with you and highlight these in your marketing efforts.

Now, it's time for the strategy. Your initial marketing strategy should be to make full use of your warm market. This is the group of people whom you already know. They trust you and can vouch for your character and in many cases the work that you produce. Where can you find them? Start with your workmates, family and friends. Any person that knows, trusts, and likes you should be notified about your new business. They may be in a great position to help you.

Marketing becomes quite easy when you have the right mindset towards it and a simple strategy to follow. There is no need for you to feel hesitant about reaching out to the people who are already in need of your help. Think back to when you were working for other people. Each time you interviewed for a new J-O-B, the employer was simply asking you, "How can you help our company?" Before you were even offered the interview, they likely


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